MagTreat LGT-2600A

MagTreat LGT-2600 Series is a high-performance and easy-use Magnet Therapy device which can be mainly used in the treatment of chronic soft tissue injury and pains in neck, shoulders, waist and legs. The device is a combination of three different kinds of physical agents---magnetic field, vibration, and heat.

magnet therapy

1. Moderate and effective pain relief effect
2. 3-in-1 therapy function: magnet therapy, heat therapy, and microvibration
Magnetic field: detumescence, diminish inflammation, and analgesia
Heat: pain relief, improve blood circulation and accelerate the elimination of inflammation
Vibration: massage effect, relief muscle tension and improve blood circulation
6. Pack temperature adjustable: four steps (40°C,46°C,52°C,58°C)
7. Safety protection: overload of input and output & over-temperature protection