IPL (Intense pulsed light) is a technology used by beauty studios and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments including hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and facial vessel irregularity.

Intense Pulsed Light LGT-3300C uses the IPL technology to produce high-intensity light or broad spectrum light in a short amount of time. This is used for photorejuvenation skin treatment. The aging population increasingly wants to improve their appearance, and IPL technology will help the skin re-gain its useful appearance. It improves the look of photo-aged skin, removes most benign brown pigments, removes age spots (freckles induced by the sun), and broken capillaries that cause redness to the skin. This photorejuvenation process for the face and body is great for active patients because downtime is minimal and there is little risk of side effects occurring. Broad spectrum light treats the chest, face, neck, hands and anywhere else that sun damage happens, with gentle treatments, making it ideal for treating medical disorders of the skin.

IPL Series: