Pain Management

Pain management (also called pain medicine or algiatry) is a branch of medicine employing an interdisciplinary approach for easing the suffering and improving the quality of life of those living with pain. Physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry/physiotherapy) employs diverse physical techniques such as thermal agents and electrotherapy, as well as therapeutic exercise and behavioral therapy, alone or in tandem with interventional techniques and conventional pharmacotherapy to treat pain, usually as part of an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary program. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is a safe and effective therapy for chronic pain and overuse injuries which has been proven by over ten-year clinical experiment. Magnet Therapy is a physical therapy that applies magnetic field to the treated area to achieve therapeutic effect. The effect of Magnet Therapy can be classified as: analgesic effect, anti-inflammation, detumescence, and sedation effect.